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Pub Rock Choir Nights

Free Pub Rock Choir nights, learn a song coordinated by a professional choir conductor at 6pm , in a old school pub beer garden , then sing along with the band of the night, which start at 7.30pm sharp after the rock choir rehearsal . Arrive a couple of hours earlier have a meal get a bit of Dutch courage and join the choir at 6pm. During the night the band will announce rock choir after the next song ,so that everyone can get into position or just stay where you are. Punters will then sing along with the band, sing loud like no one is listening, with not a care in the world.

Free live music at Brisbane’s Newest Live Music Hub. The Queensport Hotel was established in 1864 and is conveniently situated in Brisbane's port area. One of the last great Brissie pubs, it's a beautiful old Queenslander with great counter meals from 5pm, cold beer and bistro dining. Free live music every Saturday night with at least two different tribute bands a month , band starts at 7.30pm sharp (supporting local musicians and keeping live music alive ). The event is held in a shaded beer garden with a high undercover concert stage and dance area, no noise restrictions and plenty of parking.

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