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Free live music  at the Queensport Hotel, with the venue positioning itself to become Brisbane's live music hub. The Queensport Hotel was established in 1864 and is conveniently situated in Brisbane's port area. ​ The venue is outdoors with a high undercover concert stage and dance area. There is no noise restrictions and plenty of parking , parts of the patrons area is also undercover.

The Queensport offers free live music every Saturday night - there are at least two free tribute bands a month (check out upcoming events at here .) You may have not had the opportunity to see the original artists, because they have disbanded or are sadly deceased. You may not have been able to attend their last show, or the tickets were out of your price range; so seeing the tributes is the next best thing. If you want to experience the atmosphere, stage performance and sounds of these music legends, then seeing tribute bands at the Queensport   is the next best thing , keep on keeping live music alive.

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